Announcing the publication in March 2012 of Crystal Pamphlets: a new series of individually-authored pamphlets by up-and-coming writers ...

" ... a handsome new range of pamphlets" (Nine Arches Press).

" ... herald[ing] the arrival on the U.K. scene of a new pamphlet publisher .... They've certainly made an excellent start" (Matthew Stewart).

" ... elegantly produced" (David Clarke).

" ... a lovely looking job of production - evocative and appealing" (Sphinx Reviews).

" ... attractive and well-produced" (Under the Radar Magazine).

"‘To judge by the quality of their first six pamphlets Crystal Clear Creators are to be congratulated … for what they have thus far achieved. Each pamphlet is stunningly produced with original artwork by Helen Walsh and is prefaced by an insightful commentary from another poet who … has been involved in mentoring their less experienced fellows …. [It] leaves one in little doubt as to the eclecticism of CCC’s editorial policy or their ability to spot talent" (David Cooke, Stand Magazine).

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Crystal Pamphlets no.1:

Andrew "Mulletproof" Graves, Citizen Kaned

ISBN 0-9551800-6-6, 978-0-951800-6-4, Price £4

"Andrew writes both into and out of the performance-poetry milieu, but what remains most strongly from the performance element of his work is a real force of tone that sizzles on the page" (Deborah Tyler-Bennett).

"Anyone can read his work, enjoying the visual and verbal dexterity" (Deborah Tyler-Bennett, in Leftlion Magazine).

"I very much enjoyed [Citizen Kaned]. There isn't a bad one in there" (Alan Moore).

"There's empathy here and a natural ear for rhythm. Genuine poems work both in performance and on the page .... Andrew 'Mulletproof' Graves shows he can both perform and write" (Emma Lee).

"The first poetry collection I've devoured cover to cover since Carol Ann Duffy's The World's Wife .... Graves celebrates the unsung, the lost souls, the anti-heroes and misfits of this world, and gives them their moment, whether seedy or sublime" (S.C. Maxfield).

"Rhythms and rhymes gallop through these deft observations .... The reader encounters numerous rewards" (Matthew Stewart, in Sphinx Reviews).

" ... wit, intelligence, and metrical skill ... a proficiencey with rhyme and stanzaic structure that Tony Harrison might be proud of" (David Cooke, Stand Magazine).

" ... like ... the souvenir of a jolly evening out" (Philip Morre, New Walk Magazine


Crystal Pamphlets no.2:

Jessica Mayhew, Someone Else's Photograph

ISBN 0-9551800-8-2, 978-0-951800-8-8, Price £4

"Her poems linger in the memory and create fascinating worlds of their own" (Maria Taylor).

" ... demonstrates skill to complement talent" (Emma Lee).

" ... precise and subtle .... What impresses me most about these poems ... is their imagery" (David Clarke).

" ... sharp and innovative .... This is the kind of writing that excites me ... a poet of depth and maturity ... beautiful lyricism" (Sphinx Reviews).

" ... a precocious lyrical talent, she is a masterly phrase-maker" (David Cooke, Stand Magazine).




Crystal Pamphlets no.3:

Roy Marshall, Gopagilla

ISBN 0-9551800-9-0, 978-0-951800-9-5, Price £4


" ... compression and unforced lyricism" (Wayne Burrows).

" ... reveals Roy Marshall's keen ear and deft touch .... These are poems that hold words up to the light until they catch it and flash with sudden truth" (Times Literary Supplement).

" ...lyrical concision ... minimalism and pitch perfect cadences .... Above all they are memorable for the quality of their images" (David Cooke, in Ink, Sweat & Tears).

" ... easy flowing, lyrical collection .... A pleasure to read" (Mal Dewhirst).

 " ... the sort of poems that are easy to read yet hard to write" (Tim Love).

" ... full of poems you will want to come back to ... poised and graceful writing" (Kim Moore).

" ... demonstrates a firm foundation for future collections from a poet who appreciates the need for poems to communicate with and offer space for readers" (Emma Lee).

" ... I had a definite sense ... that each poem would be rewarding in some way. And they were" (Michael Di Placido).

" ... a satisfying and poetically coherent first pamphlet" (Matthew Stewart).

" ... executed with enviable skill .... close observation combined with beautifully-judged phrasing" (Alan Baker, Litterbug).

"Roy Marshall has a delicate touch. He writes so softly of family and love, aging and loss, war and suffering. A generosity runs through the poems, yet they are distinctly crafted; nothing loose or lazy about this work" (Frogmore Papers).

" ... very fine poetry indeed ... carefully selected and beautifully managed ... effortlessly constructed" (Sphinx Reviews).

" ... an able writer, and a poet affecting and sensitive enough that one can't help but be taken along ... impressive" (Under the Radar Magazine).

" ... Marshall's poems ... are frequently distinguished by their striking imagery and cadences" (David Cooke, Stand Magazine).

" ... satisfying ... Marshall ... is aware that words are sound as well as sense .... the more ambitious poems make one keen to see a full-length book from Mr. Marshall" (Philip Morre, in New Walk Magazine).


Crystal Pamphlets no.4:

Charles G Lauder Jr, Bleeds

ISBN 978-0-9570501-0-5, Price £4

" ... a daring and memorable parade through human landscapes" (Mark Goodwin).

" ... a carnival of emotions and relationships .... [An] excellent read" (Mal Dewhirst).

" ... the combination works and the themes are sustained for the length of a pamphlet" (Emma Lee).

" ... passionate, untempered engagement with life's rawness and pain ... haunting energy ... a magnificent fullness" (Sphinx Reviews).

" ... an undeniable power" (David Cooke, Stand Magazine).


Crystal Pamphlets no.5:

Hannah Stevens, Without Makeup and Other Stories

ISBN 978-0-9570501-2-9, Price £4

" ... beguilingly elliptical. Her stories draw you into a fragile, compressed world" (David Belbin).

" ... brief, grazing glances into entirely convincing worlds, and the polished accomplishment of Stevens's prose resonates over the ... pages .... Stevens is a skilled ... writer" (Rebecca Burns,Sabotage Reviews).

" ... their strength is that they give the reader space and time to absorb stories told at the characters' pace and in the characters' own words. Hannah Stevens cares about how her stories are told" (Emma Lee).

" ... brilliantly observed accounts of lives that are slowly disintegrating" (David Cooke, Stand Magazine).


Crystal Pamphlets no.6:

Aly Stoneman, Lost Lands

ISBN 978-0-9570501-3-6, Price £4

" ... a tight river of poems with a dangerous, irresistible current" (Mark Goodwin).

"...a landscape poet whose water-themed poems have a musicality that rings through them, pliable yet able to cut rock.  Her work is myth-rich; personal, yet universal" (Jayne Stanton).

"Her skill lies in her ability to juxtapose broad brush written landscapes with pin sharp observation" (Gary Longden).

" ... highly energetic, innovative and first-class pieces of work ... a lot to like in this little volume" (Sphinx Reviews).

"... Stoneman's technical ability of impressive and powerful" (Under the Radar Magazine).

" ... a confident and technically adroit performance" (David Cooke, Stand Magazine).