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Hearing Voices Magazine is now closed for submissions. Please check back here to see when the magazine is open again for submissions for vol. 6.

The following publications are now available from Crystal Clear Creators (CCC) Publishing:

Hearing Voices Magazine, vol. 5, ed. Jonathan and Maria Taylor (October 2012), ISBN 978-0-957-0501-4-3, £3



Hearing Voices, vol. 4, ed. Jonathan and Maria Taylor (October 2011), ISBN 0-9551800-7-4, 978-0-9551800-7-1, £3.

Hearing Voices Magazine is now archived at the Southbank Poetry Library.

"Excellent! With pages that include two of my favourite poets: Neil Leadbeater & Deborah Tyler-Bennett. What's more from 'All This Air and Matter' by Alan Baker got my creative juices flowing. Further pleasure came from 'A Witch's Death 11 March 1618' by Sue Mackrell" (Les Merton in Poetry Cornwall).


Hearing Voices, vol. 3, ed. Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke and Alex Plasatis (March 2011), ISBN 0-9551800-5-8, 978-0-9551800-5-7, £3.


Named No.7 in the "Top Twenty Small Press Magazines of the Year 2011" by Purple Patch Publishing.


Hearing Voices, vol. 2, ed. Sue Mackrell and David McCormack (January 2011), ISBN 0-9551800-4-X, 978-0-9551800-4-0, £3.

Named No.18 in the "Top Twenty Small Press Magazines of the Year 2011" by Purple Patch Publishing.


Hearing Voices, vol. 1, ed. Maria Taylor (October 2010), ISBN 0-9551800-3-1, 978-0-9551800-3-3, £3.

Hearing voices

'Intriguing images .... Lots of new names here .... Writers flexing their imaginations' (Purple Patch Magazine, review of Hearing Voices, vol 1).


Fizzle & Sizzle: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose By Young Writers in Leicestershire, ed. Jonathan and Maria Taylor (2008), ISBN 0-9551800-2-3, 978-0-9551800-2-6, £2.50.

Fizzle & Sizzle


In the Beginning: An Anthology of New Writing, ed. Mystie Hood (2007), ISBN 0-9551800-1-5, 978-0-9551800-1-9, £2.50.

In the Beginning


Speaking Words: Writing for Reading Aloud, ed. Deborah Tyler-Bennett (2005), ISBN 0-9551800-0-7, 978-0-9551800-0-2, £4.50.


‘I was fortunate enough to be at the launch of this book, during which some of the contributing authors performed their work. There are some great short stories with twists at the end, hilarious monologues and rousing poetry. This eclectic anthology brings together a neo-Gothic fairy tale, Scottish history, war in Korea, the 1983-4 miners’ strike, public toilets, the melding of African and British culture, overgrown tomboys, and cosmetic surgery. Laughter and sadness, life, love and death, it's all here’ (R. A. Gregory, on
‘There is work in this anthology which is for reading aloud, but there is also work ... which actually demands to be read aloud’ (Dave Reeves, Raw Edge Magazine, no.23).
‘Reading aloud, the aim of the ... anthology, is full of possibilities and potential joys .... Speaking Words has a diversity of approach yet the items share an honest verve that defies anyone to read them in a dull way .... These pieces probably would 'surmount bad reading' but they're good enough to discourage it. If reading is a pleasure, then reading aloud is a pleasure shared’ (Jeremy Jago, Nottinghamshire Book Reviews, no.1).