Crystal Pamphlets, funded by Arts Council England (start January 2011, end August 2012)

Crystal Clear Creators was funded to provide professional mentoring to six up-and-coming writers, and to publish six pamphlets of their work in Spring 2012. The six writers are Andrew 'Mulletproof' Graves, Charles Lauder, Roy Marshall, Jess Mayhew, Hannah Stevens, Aly Stoneman. See Crystal Pamphlets for more details.

Hearing Voices, funded by Awards for All (start May 2010, end May 2011)

Crystal Clear Creators was funded to redevelop its website and publish the first three issues of its literary magazine, Hearing Voices. See Publications for more details.

Fizzle & Sizzle, funded by L.C.V.Y.S. (start August 2007, end August 2008)

Crystal Clear Creators ran a series of Creative Writing workshops and dayschools for 12-18 years olds at schools and educational centres across the East Midlands, and subsequently published an anthology of poetry and prose called Fizzle & Sizzle: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose By Young Writers in Leicestershire, ed. Jonathan and Maria Taylor (2008), ISBN 0-9551800-2-3, 978-0-9551800-2-6. See Publications for more details.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave-Trade, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund (start November 2007, end January 2009)

Crystal Clear Creators ran a course in Leicester for the community on the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade, which involved talks from experts in the field, a tour of relevant places of interest, and research at the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Records Office. Those involved then wrote, produced, recorded and broadcast radio dramas on the subject, and held a day of performances for the public.

Reflections: The Trans-Atlantic Slave-Trade, funded by Young Roots Lottery Fund (start August 2009, end August 2010)

Crystal Clear Creators ran a course in Leicester for young people about the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade, which included researching and writing about the subject. The project culminated in a day of performances and an exhibition at New Walk Museum. Participants produced a short film entitled Who Was Edward Juba?, premiered at the African-Caribbean Centre in Leicester on Emancipation Day (1 Aug 2010).

Louth Community Radio Station, funded by Mediabox and Children in Need (start 2008)

This long-running and ongoing project involved setting up and running a series of community radio stations in Louth, including Heat Rays Radio, Festive Radio and Louth Community Radio. The project included training for the young people involved.